A to Z of names

This list of The Boys contains 700 names including two members who joined the group in 1947.

The members of the Boys arrived in the UK between 1945 and 1946. The visas were given by the Central British Fund (CBF) scheme which ended in 1948.

It has been widely stated that there were only 80 girls who were members of the Boys. Here you can view the list of the names of all 204 Girls who are members of The Boys.

A handful of The Boys made their way separately to the United Kingdom and arrived on different visas. They became a core part of The Boys and founding members of the ’45 Aid Society. These individuals are identified with an asterisk (*) after their name.

The list is based on lists of The Boys that are held in the Arolsen Archives in Germany, at the Metropolitan Archive in London and documents and files belonging to World Jewish Relief, formerly The Central British Fund. There is, however, some inconsistency between these lists and the later list drawn up by the CBF, which is called The Complete List of the Children from the Concentration Camps.  Our research has resolved the vast majority of these inconsistencies but this research is ongoing. For this reason there is a comment box below each of the survivor profiles where you can leave a message for us if you have additional information that can help us.