Every year around 8 May, a number of The Boys and their families come together from around world for a reunion in London to celebrate the ‘45 Aid family. The reunion is timed to coincide with the anniversary of the liberation of the Boys from the concentration camps and the event commemorates those who were lost and celebrates the survivors who built new lives.

The Reunion Dinners are very much a family party for The Boys. They are often joined by politicians, celebrities and dignitaries, keen to celebrate with the extended family of the Boys. The Boys travel with their families from Canada, USA, Israel, all across the UK and from Europe. They share stories, tell jokes, dance, laugh and remember. The Reunions are filmed and made available for all to enjoy in the gallery on the ‘45 Aid Society website. Click here to see the Reunion films gallery.

Traditionally, the reunions are an opportunity for The Boys to see each other, catch up and introduce their children and grandchildren to the '45 Aid Family and to the wider community. The Reunion events are even more important today, both for the few Boys who are still with us and for their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren who attend in their hundreds. The younger generations keep in contact via the 2nd/3rd Generation Facebook Group and via this website. The Reunion is an important event for The Boys and their families and will remain a key date in the ‘45 Aid Society calendar.

In 2020, due to the Covid-19 pandemic a face to face reunion was not an option. A virtual reunion was held online and included candle lighting by more than 100 families of The Boys and a film of the celebration of the recent ’45 Aid Society trip to Prague to recreate the iconic 1945 photo. The virtual reunion was a major success and was watched by more than 1500 people all over the world. Watch the 2020 virtual reunion film here.