8. “Faces in the Smoke: The story of Josef Perl” by Arthur Christopher Benjamin

6. “Surviving the Holocaust with the Russian Jewish Partisans” Jack Kagan and Dov Cohen

Two cousins relate their experiences with Bielski's partisan brigade in war-torn Russia during the Second World War. Natives of Novogrodek, part of present-day Belarus, they describe Jewish life before the Holocaust and furnish a most moving account of how a thriving and prosperous Jewish center was decimated by the Nazis and local collaborators. Initial joy when their hometown was taken over by the Soviet Union disappeared when the Germans ran the Russians out of town and started implementing policies to eradicate all Jews and anything Jewish.Read More

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13. “The Boys – Triumph Over Adversity”, Martin Gilbert

In August 1945, the first of 732 child survivors of the Holocaust reached Britain. First settled in the Lake District, they formed a tightly knit group of friends whose terrible shared experience is almost beyond imagining. This is their story, which begins in the lost communities of pre-World War II central Europe, moves through ghetto, concentration camp and death march, to liberation, survival, and finally, fifty years later, a deeply moving reunion. Read More

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1. “Chasing Shadows” Hugo Gryn

Chasing Shadows is an intimate, spiritual, often humorous portrait of holocaust survivor, radio personality, and beloved Rabbi Hugo Gryn, and the vanished world of his upbringing. Read More

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12. “Memories in Focus” by Pinchas Gutter

As ten-year-old Pinchas is deported from the Warsaw ghetto to the killing site of Majdanek and then to a series of concentration camps, he shuts himself off to the terrors surrounding him and tries his best not to be noticed, Read More

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2. “Roman’s Journey”, Roman Halter

Roman Halter is an optimistic and boisterous schoolboy in 1939 when he and his family gather behind net curtains to watch the Volksdeutsch neighbours of their small town in western Poland greeting the arrival of Hitler's armies with kisses and swastika flags. Read More

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3. “Ben Helfgott – The Story of One of The Boys”

This is not just the story of another Holocaust survivor. There is nothing about Ben Helfgott that is usual. After all, very few survivors would, just a few years after liberation, become Olympic athletes. He did exactly that. He was a boy growing up in a small Polish town, Pietrkow, when his whole life changed as the Nazis moved in during the first week of the Second World War. As a small child he was top of his class - everything he did was of a standard beyond that of any of his classmates. He learned languages so that he spoke and understood at least three of them before he was eight years old. He read newspapers and watched films that were beyond his years. Read More

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4. “David’s Story”, David Herman

A young man endures five Nazi concentration camps but survives against the odds and goes on to build a successful new life in England with “The Boys”. Told through the eyes of young David, this autobiography is initially set in Munkacs in pre-war Czechoslovakia, the “little Jerusalem” of Eastern Europe. His childhood is brought to an abrupt end as the Nazis take control of the town. He must rely on his most basic instincts to survive when he is transported to Auschwitz.
Read More

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5. “A Detail of History: The harrowing true story of a boy who survived the Nazi Holocaust” Arek Hersh

How do you survive when you’re 11 years old and all your family have been taken from you and killed? How do you continue to live, when everything around you is designed to ensure certain death? Arek Hersh tells his story simply and honestly, a moving account of a little boy who made his own luck and survived. He takes us into the tragic world imposed on him that robbed him of his childhood. Read More

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7. “We Stood Shoulder to Shoulder” Jack Kagan

This book serves as a historical guide, as an account of a much-neglected aspect of Jewish history - Jewish resistance - and a memorial to those Jews who fought, and those who fell, in the battle for freedom." Sir Martin Gilbert "This book is a document in itself as it is based on archival materials. Read More

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11. “The Road Back” by Kahn Minden

The Road Back is a chronicle of two years spent in Quare Mead, a convalescent home for tuberculosis boys, displaced after World War II. It is based on fact and only the personal names of the patients are used. Read More

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9. “Life Of Michael Novice” by Michael Novice

This volume is the story of our beloved Dad, Michael Novice, who survived the Holocaust. Part 1 is his "Autobiography", which summarizes his life from birth to about 1995. He describes his life before the war as well as his incredible and terrifying experiences during the Holocaust. Part 2 is an article called "Recollections", in which he describes his experiences, thoughts and feelings as he created a new life for himself after the war. Read More

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10. “Memories” by Chaim Shane

This is the autobiography of Chaim Shane
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