Harry Spiro meeting footballers at Chelsea FC, 2018

The ’45 Aid Society works with educational establishments and a wide variety of institutions.

Our aim is to raise awareness and understanding of the Holocaust through education by telling The Boys stories, commemorating their families and the communities in which they grew up. Many of us grew up aware of our parents’ experiences and feeling the lack of extended family.

Our parents and grandparents passed on to us the responsibility of guarding their testimony.

We are here to:

  • Bring speakers into schools, other institutions and community groups.
  • Advise on and contribute to Holocaust related research.
  • Help students studying the Holocaust.
  • Support institutions and other educational bodies developing education programmes.

We support all those developing educational material for schools and other institutions. If you would like to use The Boys’ story as an educational tool, please get in touch for authorisation.

Projects supported by the '45 Aid Society include:

  • Ascot Holocaust Project
  • Epping Forest District Council
  • Lake District Holocaust Project
  • University College London

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