We are here to:

  • Bring speakers into schools, other institutions and community groups
  • Advise and contribute to Holocaust related research
  • Help students studying the Holocaust

About us

After World War 2, the British government agreed to take in 1,000 orphaned child survivors of the Nazi concentration camps. Only 732 could be found. They were flown to special hostels set up in the UK for their rehabilitation and recovery.

They built successful new lives and forged a lifelong bond as members of an extraordinary extended family. Even though there were 80 girls among them, they are known collectively as The Boys.

The 2nd Generation are the children and grandchildren of The Boys.

Our aim is to raise awareness and understanding of the Holocaust through education by telling their stories, remembering the past and teaching its lessons.

Many of us grew up aware of our parents’ experiences and feeling the lack of extended family. Our parents and grandparents passed on to us the responsibility of guarding their testimony, to remember the lives that were destroyed and to keep alive the memories of events from the Holocaust. It is important, even today, that people be reminded of the facts.

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