Bialobrzegi, Poland

Bialobrzegi is a town in Poland in the Masovian Province, about 60 kilometres south of Warsaw.

Before World War Two, Jewish trade in Bialobrzegi flourished. In 1931, Jewish merchants owned 59 grocery stores, 10 shops, 7 restaurants and bakeries out of a total of 112 shops in general.

In 1937, there were 1,677 Jewish residents of Bialobrzegi, half of whom were Orthodox.

In the first months of 1941, the Germans formed a ghetto in Bialobrzegi. The ghetto eventually had a total of 2,865 residents. The final liquidation of the ghetto was carried out in late 1942, the residents were taken on a death march to Dobieszyn. Those who reached their destination were loaded onto freight wagons, which transported them to the Nazi german extermination camp in Treblinka, where they were killed in gas chambers.

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