Ester Weisner

Weisner was born in Magdeburg, Germany in 1923.

Her parents were Abraham Wiesner, a textile merchant, and Frieda Wiesner.

Her father was taken to Buchenwald concentration camp in October 1939. He died in the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration and extermination camp in Nazi-occupied Poland in March 1943.

Her mother was sent to the Warsaw ghetto in July 1942 with her sister, Lily, who was murdered in the Holocaust.

She was a member of Bachad and was sent to the hostel in Ascot when some Boys who should have been sent to Liverpool were sent there by mistake.

Her first husband was a doctor from Liverpool, Dr Sidney Newman. She married twice and had two children from each marriage.

She died on Kibbutz Lavi in 2004.

This profile was written by Ruby Kwartz.


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