Conita Drew Jones – The Yellow Star

The Yellow Star/ Conita Drew Jones

This yellow star of shame
This yellow star of pain.
A star designed to brand,designed to disgrace
A star that was meant to degrade a people so great
A star meant to bring down the souls of those who wore it.

A star meant to say you are nothing
You are hated ,you are alone.
A star invented in the evil mind of a man
To bring pain in any way possible.

This star had many tears shed upon it,
this star was stripped from the bodies of the dead.
This star took the place of names.

Those that wore it,knew all that it said.
Those that saw it,knew what it meant.
But, the men who made it embrace hell for all eternity.
Those who wore it, with HaShem they are home.

This star has become a beacon of light.
This star holds no shame, but the pride of a people,and their strength that remains.
This star though, it began as an object meant to shame and to destroy.

Has become an object that I embrace.
For by doing so,I embrace each of them, I remember them not with shame, but with pride.
My people, my family and a Nation of Honor and of Hope.

This star for me , speaks of their faith,their strength
For they, rather than deny who they were , wore this star to their death.
They were speaking words that can not be said with mere words.
They were saying we are proud,we are strong we are G-d’s people.

They were saying we are men,we will not be stopped, we will not be destroyed.
We will not go away.
They were saying,I would rather die for right and good than to live by bowing to evil.
They were declaring their faith,and who they were.

You ask me,what I see when I see this star ?
I see myself and a people that have made me.
I see the love of a family,the love of a people unlike any other.
I see a people that I am in awe of,and filled with pride.

A people so special that even the World can not comprehend.
A people that have proven the power and the hope of their G-d.
A people forever Chosen,a people that were not ashamed.
A people filled with pride.

What was meant to shame them,has only added to their strength
Only has spoken of how special they truly are.
Has only become a memorial of a people unlike any other.
A people that fills my heart and soul with pride and wonder and strength.
It reminds me of each one before me ,that endured all.
And was unable to be broken.

That came out of the darkness,shining ever so bright.
It reminds me of a people and of a land that is home.
It reminds me,to never bow.
To never deny who I am or to fear any man.

It reminds me that some things are worth dying for.
And that it is better to die than to live and to deny yourself.
This star for me ,is a sense of pride and of love for the people that wore it.

And a reminder, that G-d is with them.
Though the World may hate them,G-d’s love for them is ever true.
Though the World would destroy them, they are here to stay forever.
Full of pride,and hope and faith.

It has become a testament of who they were,how special they are.
And that they will never give in.
never give up and never bow.

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