3rd Generation get together is a big success

The first of hopefully many social meetings for the 3rd Generation took place on Sunday 15th October in north London, organised by Jamie Beale, grandson of Mendel Beale, one of ‘The Boys’ Jamie initiated this meeting after the 72nd Reunion of The Boys in May 2018. He was wondering what the 3rd Gen could to do help pass on the legacy of the ‘Boys’ to follow the success of the initiatives led by the 2nd Generation. He contacted many 3rd Gen and was delighted that over 30 turned out on the day. It was a vibrant atmosphere with 3rd Gen members getting to know each other. Jamie introduced himself and explained that he is keen to help the 3rd Gen to deliver the testimony of their grandparents by giving talks in schools or coming up with their own ideas for continuing the work of the ’45 Aid Society. Angela Cohen, ‘45 Aid Society Chairman, addressed the meeting and emphasized the importance of telling the stories of the ‘Boys’ to future generations, to ensure that people never forget what they went through. (Judge) Robert Rinder, himself 3rd Gen, gave a passionate address, explaining why, with the shocking rise in anti-Semitism across Europe and around the world, it is now more vital than ever to pass on the legacy of the ‘Boys’. Many of those who attended expressed interest in getting involved in this initiative and praised Jamie for putting the event together. The next event is planned for March 2018. More details to follow.

For anyone who is interested in joining the contact list or getting involved please contact Jamie Beale via team@45aid.org

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