Zvi Dagan


My father Zvi Dagan was born on 15th August 1930, in Piotrokov, Poland. He was taken to Buchenwald, Germany,

and went through three camps until he was finally liberated in Theresienstadt, Czechoslovakia, on the 9th May 1945.

He was brought to England on the 14th August 1945 and started a new life learning how to change from a human animal to a human being. He studied and became an engineer.

He left for Israel in September 1949 where he married Shoshana on 2nd June 1953. He is living in Ashkelon, has 2 daughters, 6 grandchildren and 6 great-grandchildren.He is a very optimistic person and always has lots of plans for the future and his cup is always half full! He is full of hope and surrounds himself with young people and says he always feels wonderful. He has two lines that he likes to repeat: ‘always have a dream’ and ‘tomorrow is another day.’

Zehavit Talmi

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