Traute Lossau

tbmq-062Our mother, Traute Lossau, was born on the 19th January 1933. She was the second eldest of five children. Renata being the eldest, our mother, Max and twins, Inga and Yoachim. They were born in Konigsberg, East Prussia.
Their parents were sent to Auschwitz and never to be seen again. All five children were sent to Theresienstadt where they remained together for 3 years until the camp was liberated. From there they went to Prague and were then brought to England and sent to Windermere.

Our mother Traute (in the picture with the boys, front row in a cape) went on to study at the London School of Fashion and then to work for Norman Hartnell, the Queen’s dressmaker.Their square represents these five siblings and how they survived as a unit and their love of music, singing and dancing.

Evette Henderson

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