Moshe Nurtman

Moshe Nurtman

The Nurtman Family square features a rainbow which represents the life and hope that was born from so much hate. The names above the rainbow are those of Moshe’s parents, brothers and sisters who perished in the Holocaust and: Israel (44 years), Sarah (38 years), Benjamin (18 years), Esther Brandel (16 years), Samuel (11 years) and Rose (8 years). Their names shall never be forgotten. The 6 candles commemorate the 6 million who died.

The rest of the square represents Moshe’s pride and joy: the names of his three sons – Howard, Saul and Mickey and the handprints of his grandchildren – Alex, Lexie, Joelle and Samuel.

Moshe came to London in 1945 and was in the textile industry. He loves Turkish Baths and playing cards. One of Moshe’s memories is of his mother buying doughnuts for the family whenever there was a family occasion. These doughnuts are represented on our tree of life.

Victoria Jossel

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