Issaak Pomeranc


Our father Issaak Pomeranc was born on 2nd March 1928 in Dzialoszyce, Poland. In 1941, aged 13, he was taken to the town’s ghetto and from there to Plazsow concentration camp. During the following 4 years he was taken to a further 6 camps and then on a death march to Theresienstadt, where he was finally liberated in May 1945. He was brought to England later that year and stayed in Windermere where he recuperated and learnt English. He travelled to Israel in 1947 to be reunited with his only surviving brother and the picture of him on the quilt square was taken whilst he was a volunteer in the Israeli war of independence in 1948.The square depicts his early bleak years in the camps as the roots of his family tree. From desperate beginnings he never despaired and his family tree flourished. From us two children he had six grandchildren and now two great grandchildren as well. His legacy lives on as the tree grows and his love and devotion to his family and fellow survivors continues to inspire us all.

Denise Pearlman (nee Pomeranc) and Stephen Pomeranc

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