Harry Wajchandler and Howard Chandler


Harry (Herschel) Wajchendler (1926) and his younger brother Howard Chandler (Chaim Wajchendler, 1928) were born in Wierzbnik, Poland. They lived in a large house with their parents, Leibke and Pearl and elder sister Geetel (Gucha), and younger brother, Shmulek. Their family had a dry goods store and were active members of the Jewish community. They were both forced labourers in the Starachowice labour camp, they were then interned in Auschwitz-Birkenau and Buchenwald and were finally liberated in Theresienstadt. Howard and Harry were the only survivors in the family. They are proudly two of ‘The Boys’ who went to London after the war. Howard emigrated to Canada as a war orphan in 1947 and Harry stayed in London. Harry passed away in 2005.

I did this cross stitch of both of them at a simcha because I thought it showed them in good times, and enjoying themselves. Pictures like this are to be treasured to celebrate the miracle of them surviving the Holocaust.

Hayley Blaber

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