Harry Olmer

Harry Olmer


Harry was born Chaim Olmer on 15th November 1927 in Sosnowiec, Poland.The face in the middle depicts a crying mother, weeping tears of blood for her lost family with a reflection of barbed wire in her eyes. Each tear has the name of a lost relative: Chana and Hersh are my father’s parents; Golda, Pesal and Adela were his sisters. Otto and Sophie are my mother Margaret’s parents who tried to escape to Palestine but ended up in a POW camp in Mauritius where my grandmother died of disease. My grandmother Chana along with Golda and Adela were murdered at Belzec and the top of the square shows a photo of Chana and Golda, the only surviving photo that my father has of any of those of his family who died. My father does not know where his father and sister Pesal were killed.
The tears of blood are falling onto a rising sun with the name of my parents and their 4 children. The rays of the sun have the names of the grandchildren reaching up to the crying mother in a sign of hope for the future.

Julia Kaye

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