David Kutner

tbmq-079David Kutner, survivor, was all about love.

His great love for the sun in both summer and winter, for the full moon, for his favourite Spanish music, for his funny little sayings, for the stories of the Fools of Chelm and for his daily cups of tea.

He also loved his many friends like Sala and Benny, fellow survivors, ”interferers” at his wedding in lieu of his lost parents. Or Joyce and Eddie from the Primrose Club days.

All of these are represented on our Memory Quilt square.
But most of all, David’s love was for us, his family: Valerie, his beautiful, loving and caring wife; Lorraine and Suzanne, his adored daughters, and Emma and Zak, his treasured grandchildren.

Also for Frania, his late sister, who he found after the War but later sadly lost in 1964, and for Frania’s children, Hannah and Eugene, who, although many miles distant, were always in his heart.These photos are a tribute to the love he gave all of us.

Finally, a word about the Lancaster Bomber and Mr. Derek Simmans, who, with Valerie, first met David in October 2007. Derek was so moved by David’s Holocaust experiences that he helped us to get all his testimony to Yad Vashem. It was Derek who suggested the brilliant idea of the Lancaster Bomber to remind us all of The Boys’ new start in life. We thank him here personally in David’s name.

May the sun always shine on the glorious memory of dear David.

Suzanne Kutner

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