Arieh Czeret

Arieh was born on 7th September 1929 to Yuda and Klara in Bodzanów, which is in the east of Poland and is today part of Ukraine. His father was a shopkeeper. As a child, Arieh enjoyed fishing and sport.

After the war, Arieh came to England with the Southampton group and studied electronics in the London ORT School. He eventually moved to Israel. He married Klara and has two children, Neta and Gil and six grandchildren Omer, Gila, Noah, Eldad, Itai and Asaf. He worked in electronics and has many interests: gardening, history, classical music, archaeology, many of which are represented on his square.

The left of the border includes his place of birth and the names of his parents, Yuda and Klara, who died in the Holocaust. The right-hand border shows the names of the new family he created.

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