Adash Bulwa


My father, Adash Bulwa, was born on 15th September 1926 in Poland in Piotrków-Trybunalski. In 1941 he was taken to Belżec Lubelski, which

first concentration camp, but was allowed to return to Piotrków-Trybunalski where he was forced to work in the Kara glass factory. In 1944 when the Germans had no further use of the glass factory he was sent to Czestochowa where he was put to work in the iron foundry. In 1945 he was sent to Buchenwald concentration camp and then Dora-Mittelbau and finally Bergen-Belsen where he was liberated on 15th April 1945.

He was brought to England, arriving in Southampton in October 1945. He started a new life in Manchester where he became a tailor, met and married Zena Goldstone and had two daughters, Suzanne and Frances.I have chosen these photos as they depict happy events in Adash’s life. The photo (centre top) is of Adash a few years after arriving in England. To the left is a photo of him and his wife Zena at their wedding. To the right (centre top) are photos of his daughters’ weddings. Below these (centre) is a snapshot of the Bulwa family on holiday in the 1960s and to the right of this is a photo of his three grandchildren, Adam, Danielle and Zoë, taken in 2000. The last two photos are more recent (September and November 2014) and are of Adash with his great-grandson, Louis, and the most recent addition, his great-granddaughter, Chloe.

Suzanne Levy

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