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The Second Generation are the children and grand-children of The Boys. Our parents have deputed to us the responsibility of guarding their testimony, of bearing vicarious witness to their life stories and of remembering the lives that were destroyed. The Second Generation organisation was set up to keep these stories alive by way of community events, educational activities and fund raisingThrough our website, we hope to encourage the Second Generation to maintain contact with one other, to actively participate in remembering the past and in teaching its lessons, so that such terrible events can never be repeated. We celebrate the achievements of the survivors in building strong families and communities, and their triumph of hope over adversity.
The Second Generation group evolved with a number of initiatives in the 1980s and 1990s and a larger organisation has developed since 2000 with a broad range of activities and participation. We launched a web site as a communication point and to serve as the ‘45 Aid archives. Holocaust education initiatives have included talks by survivors and training Second and Third Generation to deliver the testimony of their parents and grandparents in schools. We have worked actively with the Holocaust Educational Trust and other bodies to promote this initiative.
Since 2010 the Second Generation group has taken the lead in the ‘45 Aid Society management committee with Second Generation members acting as Treasurer, Secretary, Vice Chair, Commemoration Officer, Events, Fund Raising, Education, Communication and other roles to continue the work of the ‘45 Aid Society.

Philip Burton
On behalf of the Second Generation

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