Isidor Marx

Marx was born in 1886 and was the warden of the Northampton hostel.

He was a teacher, who had run the Israelite Orphanage for Jewish children in Frankfurt, Germany since 1918 with his wife, Roza. Marx is the adult on the left pictured with children lighting Chanukah candles in the orphanage.

He helped save about 1,000 children during the Kindertransport and accompanied many transports to the UK, Switzerland and France.

He remained in the UK in 1939 and came with the last transport from Frankfurt at the end of 1939.

His wife, Roza, was taken with the remaining orphans to the Theresienstadt ghetto in Czechoslovakia in 1942. She died in the Holocaust.

He later remarried Gitta Goldsmith and they had two children, Moses and Esther.

Marx died in 1968 in New York.

This profile was written by Ruby Kwartz.

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