Hans Heinemann

Heinemann was born in 1915. He became a leading ideologue of the German Religious Zionist Orthodoxy.

He was born in Germany and studied at the Yeshiva in Mir. He was one of the preeminent liturgical and Aggadah scholars of the twentieth century. His tract Torah and Social Order was a 1940s religious bestseller. His most famous work was Prayer in the Talmud: Forms and Patterns originally written in Hebrew and translated to English decades later.

He served as a Rabbi on the Kindertransports. He brought 25 girls over to Manchester in mid-July of 1939 as part of the fourth Yavneh Transport. He spent the end of the war in Manchester.

Heinemann eventually went to Israel in 1949. His wife Eva Carlebach was the matron of a hostel in Manchester.

Eva died in 1966. Heinemann died in 1978.

This profile was written by Ruby Kwartz.

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