Survivors Remember

Survivors lit candles and held 1 minutes' silence in memory of those lost in the Holocaust. Survivors who had travelled from North America to attend the 70th Anniversary Celebrations, remember lost in the Holocaust.

## 45 Aid 70th Dinner 13185

Pictured Left to Right: Survivors Jack Rubinfeld, Howard Chandler, David Goldberg who is the son of Survivor the late Moniek Goldberg, Paul Gast, Pinchas Gutter, Bernie Frydenberg

Later all 51 Survivors present posed for a picture with The Boys Memory Quilt - #TheBoysMemoryQuilt

## 45 Aid 70th Dinner 13185

Prime Minister helps mark 70th anniversary of 45 Aid Society – (JEWISH NEWS)

Prime Minister helps mark 70th anniversary of 45 Aid Society – (JEWISH NEWS)

Prime Minister David Cameron sent warm messages to the 45 Aid Society on Sunday, as the charity celebrated the 70th anniversary of the arrival of “The Boys” in Britain. The event was attended by 630 people, survivors and members of the second and third generations, the biggest reunion ever held by the society.

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70th Reunion celebration and unveiling of the Memory Quilt

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More than 630 people including survivors, their children and grandchildren, came together from around the world for an emotional unveiling of The Memory Quilt on Sunday 3 May 2015. This was the 70th Annual Reunion Dinner of The Boys and the ’45 Aid Society.

The Memory Quilt < #TheBoysMemoryQuilt > is the creation of a team led by Julia Burton and includes members of the Second Generation Ros Gelbart, Frances Kahan, Mark Perl to mention a few and a team of creative volunteers who helped to bring this project to life.


The quilt is made up of 168 squares, including maps, and celebrates the lives of The Boys, their achievements and their contribution to society. Behind each square is a story of survival and celebration of life. The Memory Quilt was also accompanied by a book containing all the stories behind the squares and soon to be available from . Julia Burton is pictured unveiling the quilt together with Ros Gelbart.

The audience was also addressed by the Israeli Ambassador to the UK, Daniel Taub.

The evening was hailed a huge success and has seen a flurry of activity on social media sites sharing photos of #TheBoysMemoryQuilt