Review in the Daily Telegraph on 16th November 2020 of ‘My family, the Holocaust and Me’, featuring Rob Rinder and Angela Cohen:

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Some documentaries make for tough but necessary viewing. The stories told in the concluding part of My Family, the Holocaust and Me (BBC One) were harrowing. The descendants of Holocaust survivors traced the stories that shaped their families, many of them so traumatic that they had never been discussed. But as one of the contributors said: “We must tell the story so it...

Review of Tom Palmer book in Jewish News

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Tom Palmer’s powerful and moving novel After The War is inspired by the true-life story of The Boys – 300 Jewish refugee orphans, who were brought over to Britain at the end of the Second World War to begin a new life in the Lake District.

Review of Marie Paneth book in iNews

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“To write poetry after Auschwitz is barbaric,” argued German philosopher Theodor W Adorno. He may have thought the same of painting, yet that is the task Marie Paneth set a group of young holocaust survivors in her care.

Adash Bulwa

One of "The Boys" who survived forced labour, concentration camps and death marches to build a legacy in Manchester.

Reunion 2011

The’ 45 Aid Society’ together with the 2nd Generation Committee held their annual reunion dinner on Sunday 8th May 2011. It was was a huge success.

Photos of the event click here: Photo Album – Reunion – 8 May 2001

The evening was attended by 260 people made up of survivors, second and third generation and other friends and family.  The room looked beautiful and the food was delicious.

The loyal toasts of the evening were made by 2nd Generation members, Angela Cohen and Alan Greenberg.

The speeches were opened by the president of the Society, Mr Ben Helfgott followed by the British Ambassador to Israel, Mr Matthew Gould.  A member of the 2nd Generation, Mr Colin Lester, made a very memorable speech (to read his speech To read the speech, please download the 45 Society reunion speech 2011). The President of the Board of Deputies Mr Vivian Wineman was the final speaker.

The evening, which was filled with much warmth and love, was concluded by a yiddish sing song led by singer, Gwendolen Burton.’ ‘