I would like to express my sincere thanks to those who volunteered their time and energy and without whom this project could not have been completed.

First and foremost, the survivors and their families who contributed their personal histories and creativity and without whom none of this would have been possible. It has been a privilege for me to have had the opportunity to speak to so many of you and hear your stories first hand and for that I am very grateful.

I would like to say a personal thank you to Sheree Charalampous for the initial inspiration and for agreeing to take on this project with us; to Sara Taylor and Katie Lerman who came nearly every Tuesday to the Holocaust Survivors’ Centre to help families make their squares; to Joan Noble, who put so much energy and enthusiasm into our quilt making sessions together at her house and for making so many beautiful squares; to Janine Ashley, Hilary Einhorn, Lesley Finger, Pat Gold, Joan Hebbard, Zdenka Husserl, Jo Masters, Michal Mankin, Lauren McQuillan, Edna Nutt, Sophie Raitz and Pamela Saunders for contributing their amazing embroidery skills in making individual squares and embroidering names for the border. I would also like to thank Dafna Aybes, Sofia Beale, Annie Fox, Barbara Jackson and Derek Wood for their beautiful artwork bringing survivors’ stories to life, and especially to Derek for his wide ranging expertise in so many areas.

I am grateful to Cherrell Avery, Barbara Burman and Hilary Raymond who created all the maps, to Danny Chidgey who helped with printing and Judith Devons for her screen printing skills.

A huge thank you to Adam Lawrence who volunteered his time to photograph every square for this book, before they got sewn together, to preserve them for posterity.
In Israel, Nina Hecht and Tova Keyes worked hard to progress this project, talking to many of The Boys in Israel and encouraging them to make squares. In the UK, Kim Stern was the driving force behind compiling the definitive lists, Jasmine Bandel helped with numerous phone calls whilst Georgeta Maierean cross-checked names.
I would also like to thank members of the ‘45 Aid Committee and the Second Generation for their support, especially Rosalind Gelbart who helped in many areas and in particular putting together this book.

A big thank you also to my husband, Philip, for his enormous efforts to support this project in so many ways and my girls who put up with me working all hours of the day and night to bring this together, who gave me the time to make many evening phone calls to America and Canada and for tolerating me being completely consumed by this project for the past nine months!

Julia Burton
May 2015