45AID Gallery

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Theresienstadt Barracks 1945

Theresienstadt Barracks 1945

Some of our boys pictured after using their meal tickets

Children from Theresienstadt Concentration Camp

Prague August 1945

Prague February 1946

Windermere 1945

Windermere 1945

Learning English in Windermere

Outing to Lake District

Relaxing in Windermere

Quaremead 1946

Loughton 1946

Cardross, Scotland 1946

Manchester 1946

Stamford Hill 1946

Finchley Road 1946

Goldington, Bury, Bedford, 1946

One of the Primrose Teams

Jersey Holidays

Training at ORT School

Toby Biber's Family in Mielec, Poland before the war

Jack Kagan's parents in Novogrudek before the wa


Minia Munter

On holiday near Ryde, Isle of Wight

40th Anniversary, Warsaw ghetto uprising