UK National Yom Hashoa Commemoration for the Holocaust 19 April 2015

The National Yom HaShoa Commemoration was held on 19 April 2015 at Allianz Park, the Barnet Copthall Stadium. It was organised by a large team led by Yom HaShoaUK and with sponsorship of the 45 Aid Society and Second Generation. The 2-hour Commemoration programme included formal remembrance, candle lighting, choirs, music, video tributes, video testimony from Survivors and separate addresses by Survivors, Second and Third Generation and a wide range of speakers.

More than 5000 people gathered for the UK National Commemoration for Yom HaShoa which was held on 19 April 2015 in North London. (Photo: John Rifkin)

Ben Helfgott, Chair of 45 Aid Society addressed the 5000-strong crowd.

The ‘45 Aid Society and Second Generation, was principle sponsor of the Yom Hashoa 2015 commemoration.
Second and Third Generation Members pictured by the ‘45 Aid Society logo stand: L-R: Georgia Burton, Ros Gelbart, Emily Burton. Philip Burton, Paul Herman, Julia Burton, Charles Herman., Alex, Danielle, Sam, Nicky and Maurice Helfgott.

The crowd of 5000 included more than 100 survivors and refugees and their families and friends (Photo: John Rifkin)


Ben Helfgott declared: 'We pass on the baton of memory with confidence' to the second and third generations (Close up Photo: John Rifkin)








The Second Generation was represented by Angela Cohen, Vice Chair of 45 Aid Society who emphasised the important role the Second, Third and subsequent generations play in remembering the lessons of the Holocaust (Photo: John Rifkin)


Memorial Candles were lit by Survivors, their children and grandchildren, the Second and Third Generation, to remember those lost in the Holocaust. Candle lighters pictured above include Jonny Moses, Grandson of Survivor Harry Spiro; Victoria Cornell who lit a candle in Memory of Survivor, Meyer Cornell; Emily Burton who lit a candle in Memory of her Grandfather David Herman..


Harry Spiro and Sam Freiman lighting memorial candles (Photos: John Rifkin)

The commemoration ceremony was broadcast on live video screens.


The commemoration ceremony was broadcast on live video screens.


His Excellency, Daniel Taub, Israeli Ambassador to the UK, introduces a huge choir of 160 Primary School Children who performed a number of songs.

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Guest attending included Survivors, Refugees and their families (Photos: John Rifkin)


Vivian Wineman, Dr James Smith, Marina Smith, Rene Salt (Survivor), James Smith, Stephen Smith, Zigi Shipper
(Photo: John Rifkin)

A moving musical tribute performed by cello soloist Simon Wallfisch, grandson of Survivor and cellist Anita Lasker Wallfisch. (Photo: John Rifkin)

The shofar was blown by Rabbi Barry Marcus (Photo: John Rifkin)

Video Footage from Yom HaShoahUK

  1. Video: Wlodka Robertson - Warsaw Ghetto
  2. Video: Eva Behar - 1 of 2 - Auschwitz & Belsen Survivor
  3. Video: Eva Behar - 2 of 2 - Auschwitz & Belsen Survivor
  4. Video: William Kaczynski - German Refugee -
  5. Video: Boris Johnson Message

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