About the 2nd Generation

“We have brought up our children to… reject hatred and revenge, to reach out with tolerance, to live with integrity and to give of oneself to the community and society.” Ben Helfgott, President ’45 Aid Society

“We will teach our children and our children's children. We will share your memory with the world. Our promise is that your promise may have been lost but will never be forgotten.” Robert Rinder, grandson of Moshe Malenicky, one of The Boys

The 2nd Generation are the children and grandchildren of The Boys – a group of 732 orphaned child survivors (including 80 girls) who were brought to Britain in 1945 after liberation. They are the custodians of the remarkable testimonies and life stories, keeping them alive and relevant for future generations through community events, educational activities and fundraising.

The 2nd Generation is an active and vibrant community. They maintain regular contact, wherever they are in the world. The Memory Quilt project was their brainchild, to create a lasting tribute to The Boys and mark the 70th anniversary of their liberation.

Together with the ’45 Aid Society the 2nd Generation created the Memory Quilt Book containing photos of all the quilt squares and stories written by the survivors, their children and grandchildren.

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